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International Conference "Frontiers of Law and Technology"

On February 14 Nagoya University Graduate School of Law organized a conference under the title of "Frontiers of Law and Technology: Technical Innovation to Improve Efficiency and Fairness in the Legal Process". After the welcome and opening remarks given by Prof. Dai Yokomizo (Nagoya University), Prof. Giacomo Rojas Elgueta (University of Roma Tre) gave a keynote speech about "Remote Hearings and the Right to a Fair Hearing in International Arbitration". The speech, commented by Prof. Giorgio Fabio Colombo, was particularly interesting as Prof. Rojas Elgueta was one of the members of the ICCA Taskforce entrusted with checking the legitimacy of remote hearings. The morning was closed by a session in which Nagoya University Ph.D. candidates presented their research: they received comments by Prof. Franco Serena (Nihon University). In the afternoon, graduate students of Nagoya University presented the results of their joint research on "Toward Effective Artificial Intelligence Integration in the Judicial System: Evaluating the Use of Virtual Assistant Tool in Vietnamese Courts with Lessons from China’s Legal System". They received comments by Prof. Rojas Elgueta and Prof. Shiho Kato (The University of Tokyo). The closing keynote speech, jointly delivered by Ms. Athita Komindr (Head, UNCITRAL Regional Center for Asia and the Pacific) and Mr. Alexander Kunzelmann (Secretary to UNCITRAL Working Group IV), offered a comprehensive overview of UNCITRAL texts on e-commerce and digital trade. Prof. Yokomizo acted as a discussant. The event was closed by a short speech by Prof. Colombo. The event was attended by 29 attendees online and in person, representing 12 different nationalities. 
The event, also made possible thanks to the financial support of the Daiichi Hoki Foundation, is a testimony of Nagoya University Graduate School of Law's strong commitment to research in international commercial law, and to the importance of our relationship with institutional (UNCITRAL) and academic (Roma Tre) partners.