Nagoya University Graduate school of Law


Nagoya University

The Global 30 International
Social Sciences Program conducted in English

The Global 30 (G30) International Social Sciences Program, offered from October 2011, includes the fundamental disciplines of political science, law, eco-nomics, business administration, and information science. Students are expected to acquire analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and high ethical awareness, such as are needed for the pursuit of knowledge across disciplines. The curriculum in this G30 International Social Sciences Program covers comparative studies of Asian societies, corporate theory, international negotiation, international law, development economics, economic integration, global management as well as environmental issues. In addition to knowledge in a global context, the program emphasizes the study of the political, legal, and economic systems of modern Japan. Upon selecting their major, students can receive specific guidance from professors in their chosen discipline and are expected to research their graduation thesis under the supervision of their school’s professors.

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