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Nagoya University School of Law Supporting Society

From 2000 to now, many parents and guarantors of undergraduate students join the Nagoya University School of Law Supporting Society.
Thanks to their support, we can provide a wide range of financial support for students' studies and extracurricular activities.

The Nagoya University Foundation

The Nagoya University Foundation was established in 2006 to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the University in 2009.
The Foundation was established with the philosophy to build a stable basis to maintain and further revitalize the good traditions of Nagoya University, to create a vibrant academic and research environment at the University, and to develop courageous intellectuals who would lead society in the 21st century. Since its establishment, Nagoya University has not forgotten to thank all its supporters and carefully adhere to this philosophy.
In addition to the leading fund of the Foundation, we also have wide-ranging special funds, among which donors can designate the purpose of their support. These funds will use the donated amounts directly for each activity rather than using investment profits.

The Nagoya University Foundation accepts donations from the below website.


We appreciate specifying the purpose of donation as "support for special funds" and the way of using donate as "Asian Legal Professionals Support Program."
To remain the top-runner in promoting legal assistance in Asia, we highly appreciate your kind donation.