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"Japan History Information Studies" project

Japan built the first modern country governed by laws in Asia by transplanting laws from Europe at the end of the 19th century. Seven hundred ninety-six laws promulgated up to the conclusion of World War II are still in force in Japan today.
The "Japan History Information Studies" project aims to build a historical information platform to elucidate the modern rule of law and social changes in Japan over the past 150 years. The project challenged making the database of the below historical materials open to the public.

"JINJI KOSHINROKU (who's who)" (published in 1902 by Jinjikoshinsho)

The Establishment of a Regulatory Framework Corresponding to the Cross- border Nature of Transactions in a Digital Platform

Recent technological development has transformed the industrial structure through modulization, softwarization, and networking of multiple industries. Particularly, business activities conducted through digital platforms offered by a provider—internet auctions, services of flea market applications, and activities enabled by the sharing economy—are highly significant. Furthermore, cross-border development of such electronic transactions through digital platforms is expected, since information can cross borders easily on the Internet. This research project deals with cross-border electronic transactions through digital platforms from the perspective of various legal fields.