Nagoya University Graduate school of Law

Fellowships(international visiting scholars)

Nagoya University

We promote international joint research with researchers from the world.

The following foreign researchers have visited us and conducted their research. The researcher with an asterisk is a “CALE Foreign Visiting Research Fellow.”

Titles omitted
TAING Ratana (Cambodia) *
Constitutional  Council of Cambodia, Secretary General
Hwang Chang-Geun (Korea)
Professor, Hongik University School of Law

于 敏 (China)
Professor, Law School of Yantai Univeristy

Fabrice THURIOT (France)
Public Law Researcher in the Research Center of Law and Territory and Director of the House of Human Sciences of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA), France

Lee Hyowon (Korea) *
School of Law, Seoul National University (Korea), Professor

Lecturer, Korea Univeristy

Yang Yuxiang (China)
Lecturer, Southwest University

Lee Nari (Finland) *
Professor, Hanken School of Economics, Finland
Kichik Kuzma (Russia) *
Associate professor, Law Faculty、 Lomonosov Moscow State University

Chan Wing Cheong (Singapore) *
Singapore National University, Associate Professor

李 正吉 (Korea)
Visiting Researcher, Institute for Comparative Research in Human and Social Science, University of Tukuba

Sodovsuren, Narangerel (Mongolia)
Mongolian Academy of Sciences, member

Nguyen Van Thi Anh (Vietnam) *
Associate professor, Hanoi Law University

张 芸芸 (China)
Assistant Researcher、Mechanical Invention Review Department, Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center of SIPO

David James Green (United States)
Professor, Meijyo Univeristy School of Law

Son Hyun (Korea)
Senior Research Fellow, Korea Legislation Research Insitute
Sulistiawati Linda Yanti (Indonesia) *Gadjah Mada University, School of Law (Indonesia), Lecturer
河明 鎬 (Korea)Professor, Korea University
張 欣 (China)Lecturer, Jilin Police College
Daw Than New (Myanmar) *Member of Myanmer Academy of Arts and Science
Amara Marina Igorevna (Russia) *Specialist, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”
潘 芳芳 (China)Designated Lecturer, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Thanitcul Sakda (Thailand) *Faculty of Law, Chulalongkom University (Thailand), Professor
許 順福 (China)Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Batbold Amarsanaa (Mongolia)Associate Professor, Law school ,National University of Mongolia
陽 解君 (China)Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
Subramaniam Mogana Sunthari (Malaysia) *Faculty of Law, University of Malaya (Malaysia), Senior Lecturer
TAN Carol (England) *University of London School of Asian Studies (SOAS) (England), Professor of Law
Meas Bora (Cambodia) *Cambodian University for Specialties, Vice-President
車 聖敏 (Korea)Associate Professor, Hannam University
鄭 双石 (China)Graduates, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Amirova Nargiza (Uzbekistan)Graduates, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Pham Huong Thi Thu (Vietnam) *Hanoi National University (Vietnam), Visiting Lecturer
陳 皓芸 (Taiwan)Graduates, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Phan Huong Thi Lan (Vietnam) *Hanoi Law University (Vietnam), Lecturer
簡 玉聰 (Taiwan)Professor, National University of Kaohsiung
Rho Hyeok-Joon (Korea) *Seoul National University School of Law (Korea), Professor
Dang Xuan Hop (Vietnam)Partner, Allens, Vietnam
王 作全 (China)Professor, Qinghai Normal University
Alan K. Koh (Singapore)Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
高 重迎 (China)Associate Professor, Henan Univeristy of Economics and Law
Puchniak Daniel William (Singapore) *Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore, Assistant Professor
張 瑞輝 (China)Graduates, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
Rozsnyoi Hedvig (Hungary)Graduates, Nagoya University
Wank Rolf (Germany) *Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), Professor of Law (retired)
Stojanovic Dorde (Serbia) *Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade (Serbia), Senior Research Fellow
柯 格鐘 (Taiwan)Associate Professor, National Cheng Kung University School of Law
Tsay Igor (Uzbekistan) *Lecturer, University of World Economy and Diplomacy
Rozsnyoi Hedvig (Hungary)

Malmberg Lars Göran Lennart (Sweden) *Council of Europe (France), Head of Human Rights Policy and Development Department
梁 亜榮 (China)Professor, Hainan University
Amirova Nargiza (Uzbekistan)Graduates, Nagoya University Graduate School of Law
李 拡建 (China)Reseacher, Hong Kong & Makao Studies Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
唐 駿 (China)honorary president of Microsoft China Co. Ltd
Polakiewicz Jörg Gerhard (France) *Head of Human Rights Policy and Development Department, Council of Europe
簡 玉聰 (Taiwan)Associate Professor, National University of Kaohsiung