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About the Comparative Law LL.D. Course

This course enables students to gain advanced research skills and play a key role in the contemporary international community and the development of legal systems and to gain the following attributes:

(1) Ability to set clear research questions relating to practical and theoretical issues in the law and politics within their home country;

(2) Ability to present novel and practical methods for resolving issues and responding to foreseeable criticisms based on research and analysis of theories and systems from outside Japan and relevant prior research.

The selection process for this course involves document screening, examination of master’s thesis, and interview (oral examination). In order to assess the extent of an applicant’s specialized knowledge of law or political science, examination of the applicant’s master’s thesis and document screening are employed. Oral examination is conducted to confirm their specialized knowledge mentioned above and their motivation to contribute in discovering and resolving practical and theoretical issues in the fields of comparative law, comparative political science, or international affairs, in addition to the qualities necessary for completing the course.

Competitive scholarships are available through the Japanese Ministry of Education (MEXT) and the Japan Development Scholars (JDS) system.

This course offers both English-taught and Japanese-taught streams. Applicants should select the application form or instructions appropriate to their intended scholarship category.

Application guidance

Applicants to any of the programs listed below should review the guidance notes on the drafting of research proposals.

Drafting a Proposal

Clarity, completeness, and viability of the research proposal is an important factor in admissions decisions. Review these guidance notes in connection with preparing your application.

Drafting a Proposal Information

Application Instructions/Forms and Scholarships (Scholarshipped Programs)

General Application(April/October Entry)

Application Instruction and Forms for General Application April entry
Application Instruction and Forms for General Application October entry

Scholarshipped Programs

JDS LL.D. Program

English-taught stream supported by Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development (JDS). Applications to this program are not accepted directly by Nagoya University; follow the link for brief instructions on how to apply through local JDS offices.
This program provides JDS scholarship for students from certain designated countries who have already completed the JDS Master’s Program to enroll on the LL.D. program. The LL.D. is taught on a full-time basis and takes at least three years for completion, beginning in October every year. For applications, please contact the local JICA office.

Embassy MEXT

English-taught stream with Ministry of Education (MEXT) scholarship. Application process begins with an examination and selection process conducted by the relevant Japanese embassy, followed by application to the University.
The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) administers a selection process for MEXT scholarships through embassies and consulates generalworldwide. To proceed with study in Japan, applicants who pass the preliminary embassy scholarship screening must contact universities in Japan to obtain a Letter of Acceptance. doctor. For guidance on the application procedure for the Graduate School of Law at Nagoya University, applicants should contact the Academic Affairs office by email on admission(at) with the following documents.

  • A copy of the “Passing Certificate of Primary Screening”
  • Copies of embassy application forms

China Scholarship

English-taught stream with support from the China State-Sponsored Postgraduate Study Abroad Program. Application process begins with an examination and selection process conducted at local universities in China. Application materials typically become available in late November or early December---please consult the news stream under the link.

University MEXT October entry

The MEXT scholarship is available for a student who have completed the Master's Course in Graduate School of Law Nagoya University.

ASCI Transnational Doctoral Program for Leading Professionals in Asian Countries

The Graduate School of Law is offering a special research-based doctoral program which primarily targets professionals in government positions, not-for-profit groups, professional societies, and academic institutions in the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
This unique program provides enrolled students with an opportunity to work towards a doctoral degree without having to suspend their career for the duration of their studies.
Upon the completion of the required milestones, submission and acceptance of a dissertation and the sitting of an oral defense, successful candidates will be awarded a Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) in Comparative Law and Political Science.

Please direct questions related to the program to the following email address:


You may also wish to liaise directly with your local Satellite Office (ASCI Office) for further information (contact information available via the below link to the main ASCI website).

ASCI LL.D. Application

Further details on the ASCI program are available at the main program website.

Check the Information

Application form and instructions for the ASCI program.

Application Instruction and Forms