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  • FUJIMOTO Akira

    FUJIMOTO AkiraPractical Legal Education / Legal Informatics

    Comparative and Empirical study of,
    1. Legal Education, Lawyers, and the Judicial System
    2. Legal informatics
    3. Legal Consciousness

    Master theses supervised
    • Legal Advocates in Uzbekistan Government: Their Status and Roles in Transition
    • Uncovering Difficulties In the Implementation of International Human Rights Laws in the Indonesian Pluralistic Legal System: Issue of Child Marriage in West Java
    • Legal Professions in Iranian Society
    • The Disciplinary Process Used Against Advocates in Uzbekistan: A Way to Enhance the Status of the Legal Profession
    • The Establishment of the Commercial Court in Cambodia under the WTO Commitment
    • Creditor's Right of Infringement of Personal Right in Insolvency A Study for Fairness in Bankruptcy Law
    • The Civil Caseload Issue in Cambodian First Instance Courts: Lessons From the Japanese Judiciary.
    • Judicial Independence in Myanmar: Lessons from the Japanese Judiciary and the Korean Constitutional Court
    • The Small Claims Litigation System in Bangladesh: With Reference to the USA and Japan
    • A Socio-Legal Study in Cambodian Ponzi Scheme: WITH Reference to Japan and the U.S
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Independence of the Legal Profession as a Civil Society Institute in Uzbekistan: Comparative Analysis with Japan and the USA
  • FUKASAWA Ryuichiro

    FUKASAWA RyuichiroAdministrative Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Socio-Legal Approach to Administrative Justice
    2. Legal Control of Administrative Discretion
    3. Public Law in the UK and Australia

    Master theses supervised
    • A Comparative Analysis of the Investment Disputes Prevention Mechanisms: Myanmar, Japan and Korea
    • Legal Aspects of Establishing State Administrative Bodies in Uzbekistan
    • A Study on Legal Interest of Environmental Administrative Litigation in China -Compared with Japan
    • A Comparative Study on Dispute Resolution Concerning Land Expropriation in Cambodia and Japan
  • none

    FURUKAWA NobuhikoCriminal Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. The Theory of Criminal Negligence

    Master theses supervised
    • Corporate Environmental Crime and Corporate Criminal Liability in Myanmar and US
    • A Comparative Study of Corporate Criminal liability for Environmental Crimes in Myanmar and the United States
  • none

    HARADA AyakoSociology of law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Socio-legal analysis on the system dealing with family law issues involving children
    2. Comparative study of such system working in Japan, the United States, and Australia

    Master theses supervised
    • "Chinese Court-Annexed Mediation Practice for Divorce and Child Custody Disputes: A Comparative Analysis with the Japanese Family Court Conciliation Mechanism"
    • The Possibility of Post-Divorce Shared-Custody in Japan: Implications of the Italian Custody Law
  • none

    HAYASHI ShuyaCompetition Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Competition law and policy
    2. telecommunications Law and policy, energy law and policy

    Master theses supervised
    • Competition in the Chinese Mobile Telecommunication Market and the Role of Mobile Virtual Network Operators
    • Competition Law Enforcement by the State Committee on Privatization, Demonopolization and Competition Development
    • "Financial Benchmarks and Antitrust Regulations: A comparative study"
    • Comparative Study of Electricity Regulatory Mechanism for Third Party Access
    • Legal Research on Unfair Trade Practices under Competition Law: A comparative Study between Thailand and Japan
    • Comparative Research on China's Postal Regulation Concerning the Designated Postal Operator
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • An Empirical Study of Law Governing Cartels and Leniency Program to Combat Hardcore - cartel in Thailand
    • Misleading Advertising Regulation in Uzbekistan: Analysis of Legal Standards
    • The Regulation of Price-fixing Cartels under Vietnam's Competition Law: A Comparative Analysis with the Japanese Anti-Monopoly Act and the EU Competition Law
  • INABA Kazumasa

    INABA KazumasaAdministrative Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Reformation of administrative law in the age of Digital Transformation
    2. Privatization, Partnerships and Network
    3. Communication (Broadcasting) law

    Master theses supervised
    • Legislation Concerning Administrative Procedure in Vietnam: A Comparative Study with Japan
    • Reforming Legal Framework for Civil Servants in Vietnam: Lessons from Japan
    • Japanese legislations on administrative alternative environmental dispute resolution mechanism - Recommendations for Vietnam
    • Administrative Responsibility for Damage Caused by Operators of Industrial Factories who Release Wastewater into Natural Water Sources
    • Legal Study on Administrative reconsideration of Land Expropriation in China
    • A Legal Study on the Administrative Intervention for Sports Instructors in China
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Administrative Responsibility for Water Pollution Prevention in Laos: Lessons Learned from Japan
    • Legal Problems of Local Administration System in Cambodia: Seeking for a Local Autonomy System by Decentralization Reform
  • none

    KOJIMA JunCriminal procedure

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Double jeopardy

    Master theses supervised
    • Bargaining Justice and the Prospect for Its Application in Vietnam
  • MATSUDA Takafumi

    MATSUDA TakafumiCivil law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Contract Law

    Master theses supervised
    • Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce in Cambodia
    • E-Commerce: Regulatory issues of implementation of online payment services in Uzbekistan
  • MATSUNAKA Manabu

    MATSUNAKA ManabuCorporate Law, Economic Analysis of Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Rule making of takeover regulation
    2. Law on equity finance
    3. Regulation of control shareholders private benefit

    Master theses supervised
    • Legislation in Securities Sector: What Vietnam can Learn from Japan's Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
    • Liability of Parent Companies for the Obligations of Subsidiaries in Vietnam and Lessons from Japan
  • MATSUO Yoh

    MATSUO YoJurisprudence

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Philosophical Inquiry into Rule of Law and its Conditions
    2. Modern Theories of Justice
    3. Methods of Legal Interpretation and Institutional Competence
    4. Ethics for Lawyers
    5. Philosophical inquiry into Multiple Regulations and Their Governance

    Master theses supervised
    • Theories of Legal Reasoning in Cambodia Institutional Contexts: In Defense of Purposive Interpretation
  • MIYAKI Yasuhiro

    MIYAKI YasuhiroCriminal Procedure

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Undercover operations

    Master theses supervised
    • A Comparative Study on the Probation and Parole System of Cambodia and Japan
    • The Right to silence and its implementation in Vietnam
    • Videoconferencing in Myanmar Courts: Lessons for Witness Testimony and Defendant's Rights from the United States Federal Courts
    • A Comparative Solution to the Problem of Coerced Confessions between Cambodia and the United States
  • MIZUSHIMA Tomonori

    MIZUSHIMA TomonoriPublic international law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Jurisdictional immunity of foreign States
    2. WTO law
    3. International investment law

    Master theses supervised
    • An Analysis of the Jurisdictional Problems of Investor-State Dispute Settlement Raised by CME v. The Czech Republic and Lauder v. The Czech Republic
    • Australia-Anti-Dumping Measures on A4 Copy Paper: The Particular Market Situation Jurisprudence and its Implications
    • A Study ion the Necessity to Transform International Conventions on Marine Environmental Conservation into Myanmar Law
    • Punishing Crimes Against Peacekeepers under International Law
    • Public Interest Provisions in International Investment Agreements as a Tool to Safeguaral and Foster the General Welfare
    • Addressing the Trade and Labor Linkage through PPM Measures under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    • Domestic Regulations for Foreign Lawyers and Law Firms under the GATS: Challenges for Myanmar
    • A Legal Analysis on Article XXIV of the GATT from the perspective of Non-Application of the WTO Safeguard Measures to Members of Regional Trade Agreements
    • Reexamining the Importance of the Definition of Investors in Bilateral Investment Treaty: The Case of SANAM Investment Ltd. V. Government of the Lao People's Democratic Republic
    • A Comparative Analysis of the Laotian Investment Promotion Law on Expropriation and the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement
    • Reforming agriculture domestic subsidies according to World Trade Organization agriculture negotiations: the case of Taiwan
    • How a civil law country ensures the force of precedents: lessons for Vietnam
    • Methodology for Delimiting Adjacent Maritime Boundary between Cambodia and Thailand: A View on International Jurisprudence
    • Appropriate Application of Fork in the Road Provisions in Investorstate
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Border Carbon Adjustments in International Trade Law: An Approach for the Implementation through Regional Trade Agreements
    • The Development of Investor-State Arbitration under International Investment Agreements: Lessons of the European Union - Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement
  • MURAKAMI Masako

    MURAKAMI MasakoCivil Procedure

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. International Civil Litigation
    2. International Family Disputes Resolution
    3. Civil Aspects of Child Abduction

    Master theses supervised
    • Vietnam's Effective Enforcement of the Handing Over of a Child in International Parental Child Abduction Cases: Acceding to the 1980 Hague Convention
    • The Task of the Parties and the Courts in Arranging Issues at an Early Stage of Litigation in Cambodia
    • Enhanced efficacy of property auction in Civil Judgement Enforcement; A comparative study of Vietnam and Japan
    • The Chinese insurance market dilemma and resolution
  • NAKAHIGASHI Masafumi

    NAKAHIGASHI MasafumiCorporate Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Mergers and Acquisitions
    2. History of Corporate Law
    3. Corporate Law and Securities Regulation in Canada

    Master theses supervised
    • Facilitating Hostile Takeovers in Enhancing Corporate Governance in Chinese Listed Companies: Suggestions on Relevant Regulations in China
    • Modification of the Provision of Stabilization Clause in Uzbekistan
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Corporate Governance in Transitional Countries: Accountability and Transparency / a Case of Mongolia
    • Directors 'Duties and Shareholders' Remedies in Myanmar : A Comparative Approach to Reform
  • none

    NAKANO TaekoSocial Security Law

    Comparative and Empirical study of,
    1. Social Welfare Services
    2. Social Security in Sweden

    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Analysis of the Privatization as an Approach for a Pension Reform. The Experience of Bulgaria and Lessons from United States and Japan
  • OBATA Kaoru

    OBATA KaoruInternational public Law, International Law of Human Rights

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Diplomatic protection, state responsibility, status of foreigners
    2. European convention of human rights
    3. United Nations and human rights

    Master theses supervised
    • Challenges for Protection of the Rights of Children to Nationality in Viet Nam in light of international standards.
    • Reflection on the Chinese Practice of the Transfer of Sentenced Persons in the Light of International Legal Theories and Practice
    • Changing Structures of Migration Policies in Transitional Societies of Southeast Asia-The Case of Movement of People from Laos to Thailand
    • Ambiguities in Statehood of Bangladesh: A case study on the status of small states in Contemporary International Law
    • The Status and Legal Effects of Impermissible Reservations to Human Rights Treaties: Towards a Solution
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Sustainable Development in Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure: A Transnational Legal Perspective
  • none

    OKOCHI MinoriConstitutional Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Methods of Constitutional interpretation
    2. Constitutional theory in U.S.
    3. Judicial review system

    Master theses supervised
    • Constitutional Review of Legislation: Recommending a Model and Institutional Design for Vietnam
    • Ensuring judicial independence in Vietnam: A comparative study with Japan
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Project Design of Law and Justice Assistance for Enhancing People's Access to Justice in Fragile States -Lessons Learned from the Experiences of Australian Law and Justice Assistance to Solomon Islands-
  • none

    SAITO AkikoCriminal Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Criminal Law
    2. Omission
    3. Complicity

    Master theses supervised
    • Reduction of overcrowding in Cambodian Prisons: Encouraging the use of Suspended sentenced with Probation and Community Service in Cambodia : Lessons from Japan and Thailand
  • SATO Fumito

    SATO FumitoRussian Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Representation System in Russia
    2. Russian Judicial System

    Master theses supervised
    • Interference of the Prosecution in the Resolution of Civil Disputes in Uzbekistan
  • none

    TAKAHASHI YusukeTax Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Taxation on business organizations
    2. Partnership taxation in Japan and U.S.

    Master theses supervised
    • Enhancing the Cambodia Immovable Property Taxation with a Focus on the Calculation Approach to Increase the Tax Revenue and Taxpayers' Benefits
    • The Comparative Study on Tax Appeal System in Myanmar, United States and Japan
  • none

    WATANABE MiyukiCivil Procedure law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Effects of judgment
    2. Arbitration
    3. Fundamental theory of civil procedure
    4. ADR

    Master theses supervised
    • The Establishment of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Chinese Banking Industry: Based on Japan's Experience
  • none

    YANO MasahiroLabor Law

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Employment & Enterprise paradigm in the labor law

    Master theses supervised
    • Comparative Legal Studies on Retirement Age and Public Old-Age Pension: Lessons from Japan and the United States to Develop the Legislation of Thailand
    • An Analysis of the Dispute Settlement Mechanisms of Labor Cases in Myanmar: Lessons Learnt from Japan
    • Differentiation of Employment and Civil Agreements in the Legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan
    • Facilitate Formal Employment through Options in Contracting in Uzbekistan: To Expand Contracts to Part-Time and Temporary Workers
    • Legislation Concerning the Recruitment and Management of Foreign Workers in Vietnam: A Comparative Study with Japan
    • The Regulation of Fixed-Term Employment Contracts in Uzbekistan: a Comparative Study from the Experience of Japan and Germany in Solving the Problem
    • Employer Obligations in Digital Labor Platforms: A Chinese Perspective
    • Most Representative Status for Workers in Cambodia: A Comparative Study between Cambodia, Japan, and the United States

    YOKOMIZO DaiConflict of Laws (Private International Law)

    Field of specialty and research interest
    Conflict of Laws (Private International Law)
    1. Cross-border Legal Aspects of Digital Platforms
    2. Globalization and Law
    3. Cross-border Aspects of IP law

    Master theses supervised
    • National Efforts to Protect Children from Stateless Vietnam Situation and Lesson Learned from Japan
    • Cross-Border Divorce: Proposals for the improvement of Cambodian Private International Law
    • How Social Media Networking Has An Impact On The Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators
    • Public Policy Defense and Arbitration in International Commercial Law: Refusal of Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards ex officio in Uzbekistan
    • Freezing a Host State's Law to Protect Against Sovereign Actions: Lessons for Contract Stability in Myanmar
    • Habitual Residence of a Child Under Hague Conference on Private International Law Regulation: Standard for Interpretation Mechanism
    • The Ethiopian Approach to the General Choice-of-Law Rules of Cross-Border Contracts and Torts: A Comparison with the EU and Japanese counterparts
    • Judicial Assistance in obtaining Evidence in International Civil or Commercial Matters in Cambodia: A Comparative Study
    • Emergency Arbitrator Procedure in Cambodia: A Synthesis of successful Models
    • Recognition and Enforcement of Judgements in the Economic Courts of Uzbekistan
    • Eliminating National Trade Restrictions within the Economic community of West African States to promote Regional Integration
    • A Study on China's Use of Variable Interest entities in Foreign Investment Law
    • The Enforcement of Foreign Annulled Arbitral Awards in the Context of Cambodia
    • Reconciling International Protection of Intellectual Property Rights and a Host stat's Sovereign Regulatory Function: Patent Invalidation and International Investment Arbitration
    • Arbitrability Condition in Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Myanmar
    • The Application of Internationally Mandatory Rules in International Arbitration
    • Class Action or Non-class Group Litigation: Consumer Collective Redress in China
    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • Establishing Law Enforcement Mechanism to Control Anti-Competitive Government Conduct in China
    • A Resolution of the Conflict between Public and Private Interests in International Commercial Arbitration: Focusing on the Issues of Arbitrability and the Application of Internationally Mandatory Rules
    • Enhancing Consumer Protection with a Focus on the Enforcement of the Private Rights of Consumers: The Fake-Hunting Lawsuits Dilemma in China
    • The Global Land Rush from the Viewpoint of Transnational Law: Authorities, Subjection, Legitimacy
    • A Functional Analysis of Public Interest in International Investment Law and Arbitration

Political Science

  • none

    ARAMI ReikoPublic Policy, Public Administration, Intergovernmental Relations, and Local Government

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. All Areas of Social Policy and Policy Implementation
    2. Education Policy and Policy Implementation
    3. Bureaucratic Politics and Organizational Theory
    4. Public Management in Local Government

    Master theses supervised as a main advisor
    • Improving the Instrument of Horizontal Coordination among Vietnamese Ministries to Enhance Policy Implementation in Legal Dissemination and Education (in English)
    • Outsourcing of Residents' Counter Services and the Central Government's Impact on them: What Drives Private Sector Outsourcing and What Hinders Outsourcing? (in Japanese)
    Master theses supervised as a sub-advisor
    • Organizational Expansion of the Cabinet Secretariat and the Transformation of Temporary Assignment Personnel: Focusing on the Analysis of Temporary Assignment Personnel in the Office of the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (in Japanese)
    • The Concept of Online Simulation Game as a Forum for Deliberative Democracy (in Japanese)
    • Legal Advocates in Uzbekistan Government: Their Status and Roles in Transition (in English)
    Doctoral dissertations supervised as a main advisor
    • The Dilemma of Public-Private Partnerships: Bridging the Infrastructure Gap in Lower-Middle Income Developing Countries (in English)
    Doctoral dissertations supervised as a sub-advisor
    • A Political Study on the Nature of Uzbekistan's Mahalla Institution and Its Relationship with Local Government (in English)
  • none

    MIURA SatoshiInternational Relations

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Global governance
    2. International political economy

    Master theses supervised
    • Constructing Intimate Relationships―Understanding Xi Jinping's Foreign Policy Strategy
  • TAKEDA Hiroko

    TAKEDA HirokoPolitical Sociology, Gender and Politics

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Political and Social Theories
    2. Japanese and British Politics
    3. Political Discourse Analysis

    Master theses supervised
    • Proposed Shift to Proportional Representation System and its Effects on Women's Representation in OLIY MAJLIS of Uzbekistan
    • The political resource curse: oil and authoritarian stability in Kazakhstan
    • Analyzing the Impacts of Displinary Neoliberalism: Politics of Exception in Turkey
    • Women's Empowerment in Higher Education: In Search for Political Response to Low Enrollment Rate in Universities of Uzbekistan
  • none

    TAMURA TetsukiPolitical Science

    Field of specialty and research interest
    1. Contemporary democratic theory
    2. Welfare regime and basic income
    3. Gender in policies and political science

    Doctoral dissertations supervised
    • A Political Study on the Nature of Uzbekistan's Mahalla Institution and Its Relationship with Local Government
    • Towards a Concept of Alternative Participation: A Theoretical and Empirical Based Approach